Luna Lumiere

The Academy’s newest student and in-training to be the next Dream Medium. Her talents pale next to her classmates, but her compassion fits well with her newfound dream entering-and-fixing abilities.


Celeste DuPont

Bold and boisterous, the 20 years Celeste has spent entering dreams as a self described “Dreamtective” has made her something of a diva. But now that she’s getting old (emphasis on getting), she’s training Luna to someday take her spot.

Amelia Wright

Amelia Wright

A rowdy rough houser and Luna’s best-friend-by-accident. Loves birds of all kinds, but the excessive time spent at her bird sanctuaries alongside her upfront personality doesn’t lend herself too many friends.

Ms. White

Ms. White

The guidance counselor — very aloof and lazy, but also sweet and kind. She has a close relationship with Celeste, as Celeste’s “patients” often come to Ms. White first. Eats a lot of junk food.


Polly Lawrence

The law and order of the academy, in her own words. The quicker you do what she says, the quicker she leaves you alone. Holds very little actual power, but don’t say that around her or her supervisor.


Layla Noir

Bird Club member. Studies crow intelligence, and seems to have a command over crows. She’s weird.


Corvo Crawford

Leader of the Bird Club. Biologist that studies bird anatomy, doesn’t seem to align himself with anyone. Has an odd accent and odder fashion sense.