that’s the end of chapter 1!! yeah!!! sorry it’s a little late, i wanted to make sure it was a 10/10.

i’m super happy i started this comic, and i wanna seriously thank everyone reading so far. i’m really excited about chapter 2, but i need to catch up on some homework this weekend as well as do some extra planning for chapter 2, so the next update will be next friday, 11/11! it’s a really fun chapter that i think sums up what this comic will be about, so i really really look forward to diving in.

if you wanna help me out, right now i don’t have much to give you, but the facebook and twitter pages are a great way because they’re usually the first place people come from. i really just appreciate anyone who’s reading already, so don’t worry if you can’t help for right now. i’d like to set up some things in chapter 2 that will help me out, such as project wonderful ads, but we’ll see.

also: the cast page is done! it has a few extra stuff not yet explored in the comic, but i wanted to put it up now that we’re started.

i think that’s it…i’ll see you next friday!